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Three Reasons You Need Email Marketing

RW Lynch Company, Inc.

Email marketing. You may have heard that it is old fashioned, ineffective and ultimately a waste of time and effort. Despite what the naysayers preach, this is simply untrue. We live in the internet age. It is crucial for law firms to get their name out there. Email marketing is a thriving, affordable and effective way to build and market your firm, increase conversions and remind clients who you are. We believe that email marketing is one of the best business practices for lead cultivation and management. Why?

It’s inexpensive

Perhaps the best feature of email marketing is that it is economical. Email marketing is a great way to spend less and receive a greater return on your investment. It cuts out high costs that other marketing channels, like direct mail, add on. You can communicate with contacts more frequently because an email takes less time and money to create. All you need is an effective email marketing program. Many legal marketing companies, like RW Lynch, provide an email marketing service that will take care of everything from templates to content, and more.

It’s convenient

Emails are easy to send, and they are easy to receive. A postal mailing, for example, takes significantly more time and effort. Designing, printing, folding, stuffing, stamping and mailing does not leave much time for taking care of clients. Typing a quick email and clicking send is a lot more cost effective, and saves a lot more of your valuable time. Email marketing is even convenient for you clients. Imagine the likelihood of a client carrying around a physical mail piece to share with their loved ones. Now imagine the likelihood of that same client forwarding an informative email, or sharing it on social media. Email marketing is simply an easier way to communicate with leads.

It keeps you on their mind

The best feature of email marketing might be that it is economical, but the most important aspect of email marketing is that it keeps you in touch with current and former clients. Remind your contacts that you are there when they need you, without becoming overbearing. Remind your clients that you care by sending personalized messages, holiday greetings and birthday wishes. Your clients are far more likely to refer you to their friends and family if they remember that you worked hard for them. The easiest way to remind them is through consistent email marketing.

There are a lot of options when it comes to marketing yourself and your law firm. Many options are exceedingly expensive and offer little to no return on effort and investment. Email marketing is a simple practice that will make a big impact. If you think that you are too busy for email marketing, don’t forget that there are many email marketing programs available and waiting to help you succeed.



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