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Healthcare Quarterly Update: Cybersecurity and Health Data Privacy by Bloomberg BNA

Washington, DC

Join Bloomberg BNA for this essential event that explores concerns relating to cyber-security and health data privacy. Healthcare industry experts Kirk Nahra and David Holtzman will join HHS’s Iliana Peters for a comprehensive examination of:
• Big data in the healthcare sector and how to protect information
• Protecting patient and organization information
• Federal enforcement of HIPAA Privacy, Security, Data Breach rules
• Practical up to date information on current issues
• And so much more.

Click here to register today!

Identify actionable issues, secure your organization, and earn CLE credits.

A breakfast panel with accomplished scholars and an HHS representative. This conversation will address practical considerations for ensuring that patient’s data is being properly handled in full compliance with all regulations and ethical responsibilities. Healthcare practitioners are increasingly required to address concerns of Data privacy and Cyber-security; attending this panel will assist you in identifying actionable points in the law common to many legal practices.

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